TLP Library

Teaching and learning packages (TLPs) are self-contained, interactive resources, each focusing on one area of Materials Science.

Crystallography Crystallography
Crystalline materials are characterised by a regular atomic structure that repeats itself in all three dimensions. In other words the structure displays translational symmetry.
Diffusion Diffusion
An introduction to the mechanisms and driving forces of diffusion, and some of the processes in which it is observed.
Dislocation Energetics Dislocation Energetics
This teaching and learning package (TLP) uses an atomistic model of the misfit energy to predict dislocation width and Peierls stress.
Polymer Basics Polymer Basics
This teaching and learning package is an introduction to the basic concepts of polymer science. It includes molecular structure, synthesis and tests for identification.
The Stereographic Projection The Stereographic Projection
This TLP covers the use of the Stereographic projection and Wulff nets.
Tensors in Materials Science Tensors in Materials Science
This TLP offers an introduction to the mathematics of tensors rather than the intricacies of their applications. Its aims are to familiarise the learner with tensor notation, how they can be constructed and how they can be manipulated to give numerical answers to problems.